Intro to Haines

Haines is one cool small town, with tourist thrown in for the summer. Was surprised on Wednesday to see this town swell with people pouring off the cruise ship. Haines gets one a week, unlike other ports on the Inside Passage that may get 3-4 a week.  Nonetheless, I set out to introduce myself, talk with the locals, even followed another on her “errand” day to see different things. I like what I’ve seen so far.  

One day, figuring it must always be misting, raining or foggy in this town in the summer, I took off walking. They are making new sidewalks with curbs in downtown Haines. Its interesting the people you meet while trying to get thru this maze. A moose with calf managed to walk thru fresh cement the day before I walked this path… most appropriate sign of being in AK and the tracks will be preserved, I sure. Haines is not known for moose, but rather bears. So this was definitely newsworthy.

On that particular day of that walk, I met up with a young female carver of a totem pole in front of the Eagle Foundation. Talked with her at length and watched her work. Loved hearing about her life. Her name was Porie, beautiful young woman.  Then I ventured into Haines Public Library… my goodness that place was hoppin’! Apparently it is a great place to get on the internet and alot of the summer workers, visitors go in to use computers. I went in to copy off of my memory stick, my application to get a new P.O. Box and the application to apply for National Park Permit Pass.  There is all kinds of things to do and see in the library and I now know I will spend far more time at this beautiful library.

Let’s see, remember my comment about it must be misting, raining or what-have-you in the summer… well, it has been absolutely gorgeous with sunshine the last two days.  Drop dead gorgeous…. when I get my car this next week, I plan to go out to the beaches, probably go watch the grizzlies feasting on salmon at the river too.  But we had a grizzly visit the campground where I am staying yesterday. I was out talking with an elderly lady with two rescued greyhounds, when I truck stopped and said they see a grizzly up ahead crossing the road. Sure enough and we both hightailed it back to our RV’s. So this is a common occurrence around here. I’m use to watching for moose, now I need to learn to spot bears.

Where I’m parked right now… I don’t get the bandwidth to upload photos, so when I can get my air card to work, then I will post some more pictures.

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