We arrived at our campground (Denali RV Park & Motel) without event yesterday. It is one full, but very quiet camp and it has clean showers too. I suspect everyone had taken a tour bus into park and left there rigs here, as folks started showing up later in the day. Cheri hiked the ridge above our campground to see how far she could go. She said it was a great hike, but steep. I have got to get some hiking boots, I’m missing out. My boots I did keep out of storage, the sole peeled off like it had melted. Just bizarre. So I have nothing but sandals, which is not doable for any hike. grumpy here. But at least Cheri got some time on the hills.

Today, we are breaking camp and heading into Denali NP.  We are due to camp at Teklanika (not at all sure how to spell that!), mile 29 of the park road.  Can’t wait. No cell, no email, no communications – sheer heaven for the next 6 days.  Here’s hoping I can find some boots at Riley Mercantile Store…  Anyway, we will travel to Wonder Lake on the 2nd and who knows what we shall do the rest of this glorious time.

So will write again when we get out of the park. Which will take us to Fairbanks then onward to Tok to meet up with another friend of mine… Julie.

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