First Day of the rest of my life!

My friend Cheri & I left early this morning from Palmer and headed for Talkeetna. As soon as we hit Talkeetna, the clouds lifted and the sun came out. Refreshing change from all the rain we have both endured – hers in Haines & mine in Palmer.  We decided to hit the Roadhouse for breakfast, but the place was so packed, we just got cinnamon rolls and came back to the RV to enjoy. Visited several little shops that we just opening for the day. Saw some unique quilt squares with Alaskan critters that were just so cute, and went into a Pacific Yurt for a river rafting company, not for the rafting, but to see more of the yurt. First yurt I’ve been in that was as light as this one was.  Talked with folks strolling the town, learned of a music festival to take place this afternoon. Some good old bluegrass, foot stomping music.  By 11am we checked into the RV camp we planned to stay at for tonight. It is packed in like sardines…not real happy with this campground. Cost $3.00 to take a 7 minute shower. That’s ridiculous and they bragged like it was the best thing this side of Mississippi!! And watching others to squeeze into their spaces…Egads its hard to park. I thought we did pretty good on our very short site – trying to balance not being in the road behind and in front of us. As it was, twice today I really thought we were going to lose some parts. But its just for one night, we are heading north to Mile 245.1 in morning. One good thing, is being right smack next to railroad. Love listening to the train coming and going.

We decided to keep the boys out of the carriers for today’s travel. My vet suggested we try it and sure enough, they did fabulously. No howling, no stress, just a peaceful time down the road. When we set up camp – Tucker was almost rabid checking out all the “action” outside each window. He finally wind down and snoozed the rest of the afternoon. Norm just wanted to play and/or to snuggle. Cheri & I both took a snooze early on, then Cheri went back into Talkeetna to go see the Susitna River, which is at flood stage – a rare sight for this river. Its so massive in size, most think its just a little river until it get likes this – a roaring flooding river.

So that’s about it for now. We purposely planned a slow day. Its been wonderful!

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