I tried to take a picture of the sunrise this morning about 3:30 am, but in my not-quite-awake status, took a picture of my finger. Darn. It was a beauty! Not the finger but the sunrise.

I had the surgery, all went better than expected. Now my goal is to straighten my fingers and make a fist. Not sure if a grip is part of that equation, but am lacking grip power at the moment. I could straighten my fingers on day of surgery and with bandage removed yesterday, I can bend my fingers into a loose fist. Today I already see an improvement over yesterday, so will keep plugging along.

Two days ago, we had our first thunderstorm in over 4 years. I stopped everything to just see it all happen. It is such a rarity in Alaska to have these type of storms. This was a little one compared to those found down in the Midwest, but it produced nonetheless.

Yesterday, had a surprise visitor who came brought food, washed my dishes, did my laundry and swept my floors. Wow!  Thanks kiddoo!

Am on the countdown now… 10 days until I hit the road. All that is needed on both vehicles will be dealt with by the end of this week.

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