An update of sorts

Been too busy to write, but have been very productive finishing up a months worth of activities in 5 days.  Tomorrow, I’m going in for a carpal tunnel release and I won’t be writing much, as I’m a lousy hen-pecker on the keyboard. But will do my level best to keep you updated later on.

Managed to acquire a new windshield for the Lazy Daze that got broken on the Alcan last year. So that is done. Got my own vehicle tuned up and ready for a long trip. I’m not pulling the car, but rather having a friend drive it while I drive the RV. Finished pulling all non-essential stuff from the rig and put into storage. Cleaned up the rig too. So now I can concentrate on my recovery.  Next week, will hopefully get the water pump replaced, the last week in June before I leave – I get my stitches out, animals must get their Health certificate and proof of Rabies to cross the Canadian border, pick up my friend at airport who is going with me on this trip… then woo-hoo, the adventure starts.  I am so ready now! Let the adventure begin… soon.

Today, was pleasantly surprised to look up from doing laundry to see a grey and white Lazy Daze right in front of me. They were getting a fill on propane. I dropped everything and ran out to introduce myself. What a delightful couple!  It was awesome to meet you Ann & Jerry and I have spent quite a bit of time reading your blog too.  What an inspiration!  Here’s hoping we will meet again, if not in Alaska, elsewhere. Enjoy your travels! And thanks for making my day and then some.

It is presently a quarter to 11pm, we still have daylight and we have blue skies – which I haven’t seen for several days. Its been raining and/or been just cloudy for days now.  So what a delight to see the blue, so maybe they will be right that the clear skies may return tomorrow.  Right now, the mosquitos are thick as any blanket can be. Silly me, just took the trash out. I wasn’t thinking, I guess.  They could have carried my trash for me, but alas I walked a whole lot faster to try to outrun them.

I will check in before I hit the road… so enjoy!

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