And learning continues…

So I survived the sewer hose issue, but last evening, when I turned on my water heater, my neighbor came knocking to tell me water was pouring out of my fresh water tank. Uh? That made no sense.  I’m hooked to city water not using my own water tank – how is this possible? We tried all kinds of things to stop it, in the end I just turned off the city water faucet, even tho its hooked to a different portal. Took a few minutes, but it stopped. This just does not make sense. There is no leak inside the rig, I had no running water either in the rig. Just the water heater on.

So we went thru the steps to try to duplicate it again, so I could figure out what was going on so I could get some help. Nothing I did would trigger this out-flowing of water, except turning on the water heater. This just boggles my mind.  So pulled out the manual, and discovered almost immediately that I had left the water pump on when I was hooked to the city water, when I should have turned it off. Not that it, by itself, was the culprit – it added to the problem. But turning the water pump off and turning the water heater back on – produced the same out-flowing of water from my fresh water tanks. So now what…?  I turned off the city water completely and have switched back to my own water tank. And wrote to the group and presented my entire problem.  And went to bed.

Well, this morning I learned that the valves on my water pump probably failed. Due to this, a chain of events happened. Something to the effect that when the water heater was started, it caused an instant increased pressure, over and above the apparent high pressure from the city water and with no valve working it back flowed into my water tank.  Mind you, I not only have a pressure regulator and filter on my tasteless water hose going into the correct portal for city water – was not enough. Well, in studying more for this at this link:   I discovered I have a cheap-o water pressure gauge. Typical for new RVers who don’t know about psi’s etc. Boy is this a learning experience.

I now have to replace my water pump, plus buy a spare, as they are hard to come by apparently. And of course, these cost more than the regular water pumps. So $101 for each, the money just seems to be disappearing…

So from this day forward, I’m not going to use city water hook-ups at all. I will stick with my own fresh water tank for my own use.  I doubt I will replace my cheap-o pressure regulator, as I won’t be using it.  I think I will change out my filter tho. All that pressure must worked a few new holes in that in-line filter.

And to add to this day… I’ve learned I need carpal tunnel surgery. Its scheduled for next Thursday. Nothing like adding extra twists to an already complicated situation. But the doc believes I should be able to leave at the end of the month as normal, as long as I can grip the steering wheel. If an infection sets in, I will have to cancel leaving until a later date. So will figure this all out – getting surgery, recovery, fixing the water pump, getting windshield fixed on rig, my car tuned up and saying goodbye to all my friends…  Onward to a new adventure in life!

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