Murphy came visiting today!

Yippee! Another learning experience under my belt!

I studiously followed instructions to put a rock or rocks on top of the sewer hose (at the hole in ground) before dumping. Closed the grey tank, transferred hose to the black tank securely and opened it. Shit… literally… I quickly shut that sucker off. Damn. Yes, I got it turned off quick enough, but not quick enough if you know what I mean. I crammed that sucker back into the hole, to the point I could not get it back out. Went to turn it on once again. SHIT! I said more than that, but can’t print it here. Let’s just say, I have a good potty mouth going.  The darn hose popped out of that hole, like it wasn’t secure at all.  Well… obviously it wasn’t secure.  All this was going on during a downpour of rain. You would “think” the rain would have helped. It just help spread the goods.

So here I stand, drenched by rain..brown liquid spreading in waves away from the source at my feet. Thankfully, my tank treatment left no solids, but this is GROSS!!! And a neighboring fella tried to sneak out of his rig without being seen. He had the biggest grin that he tried desperately to hide along with himself, but I saw it and I just started laughing. I don’t think he was expecting my reaction, then his wife popped her head out the door and quickly tucked her head back in, but she was giggling too.  I guess, if I’m going to screw up, let’s do a royal job of it. Mr. Murphy, you can leave now!!! That’s Mr. Murphy of Murphy’s Law.

So I asked between giggles, if he would show me how to get my new elbow onto the sewer hose. I got the elbow a few days ago, but I couldn’t figure out how to get the bracket off the sewer hose so I could attach it to the elbow. This is not rocket science by any stretch of one’s imagination, but I couldn’t do it a few days ago – boy, I sure wish I had been a little more persistent then. Hindsight is so powerful.  But we got if off, the elbow on and elbow in the hole in the ground and I finished the task at hand.

Then I accidentally dropped the hose… that is the tasteless water hose… did it land on the grass? Or the top of the picnic table? Or a nice clear puddle? Heck NO!!! It landed right in the SHIT!!!! I can’t believe I did this!!!! The neighbor is bent over crying from laughter. I’m hanging my head in sheer wonderment of it all.. the wife sticks her head out the door again… well, this commotion brought out a few others to brave the rain to see what was going on. Talk about embarrassment…  So out comes a bucket, the bleach, some more water and I soaked the hose in bleach for several minutes. My neighbor said that will kill everything. Well…I’m thinking I best go get myself a new tasteless water hose to be safe, but this one is now hooked up to the rig. Good grief.

Got back into the rig, shed all my very wet soaking clothes, put on the warm ones, Fixed a cup of hot tea and ugh! what in the heck is that smell. Changed the kitty litter, vacuum the floor, took the trash out… got a whiff of stink in the laundry basket, dug out some change, hauled the clothes back out into the rain to do the laundry. Came back to the rig – and the stench just about did me in at the door. What in the heck? My gosh darn SHOES of all things. Not just any old shoes, but my leather Berkies!!! They are soaked…in shit? or rain/shit mixture? I can’t believe this. I stuck them outside in the rain out of sheer frustration. Left them out until after the laundry was done. Picked them up and didn’t smell anything. What?!?  With such puzzlement beyond any description, what on earth stinks then???  I searched high and low and did a passing glance past the wardrobe mirrors – I had a smear on my cheek. And that my dear friends, was my learning experience for the day, I don’t soon plan to repeat.

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