Goodbye May, Hello June

Wow! Time is flying. Less than one month until I hit the road. Things are really coming together. I’m in the fine tuning stage of organization within the rig, doubt I will change much from this point forward. Even have it figured out how my friend Cheri can fit her stuff in without her living out of a suitcase on the trip. So this is good.  I’m still not satisfied with the outside storage, but as one RVer said “it will change as you use it”. I suspect he is right, so am not concentrating on that at the moment. I’m still scanning volumes of paper, journals, etc into my computer, but am shifting gears now. And watching the antics of my fellow RVers in camp. People putting up clothes lines, then turn around walking right back into the line. Funny stuff.

I need to decide what goes in my car for the trip and what needs to go back into storage. Also, need to decide whether I will move the stuff in storage or keep it here. But all these variables are coming to the surface and am dealing with them when they pop up. Right now, I wish I knew where my fleece shirts and jackets were (my typical Fall clothing). This summer is one cool summer, if you want to call it summer. Visitors driving up the Alcan Hwy are talking about frozen lakes, rivers and such – breakup hasn’t happened out there yet. Or not in all parts of the land.

Yesterday, I got a Christmas card in the mail from a long time friend. Today I called her. We haven’t seen each other since 1991. For a few years, I would call her to raz her about the Broncos losing to the Chargers, but even that dwindled off, probably because the Chargers were losing to the Broncos. Had invited them up to AK for a visit, but that never materialized either. Exchanged holiday greetings for awhile.  I tracked her kids down via Facebook to learn of my old friend. Its just not possible to forget good friends, even when distances stretch on for miles and years. Good friends are magical and so worth finding again. Hello my long time friend… We tried to bring each other up-to-date in our 1 1/2 long phone call – not possible to cover 20+ years of news, so I think we will just have to stay in touch.  A good thing… also, I recently did a similar re-connection with a childhood friend.  Wow! What a moving tribute to our friendships to find each other again.

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