Odds and Ends

We had a wonderful soaking rain yesterday – it was really needed. This morning was awaken by this bright sun peaking thru the shades! Opened them to a blast of brightness – beautiful crystal clear blue skies.  The cats came running. Yippee! Let’s play. So for about 10 minutes this morning around 6 o’clock, the boys raced around the rig from back to front – up and down, around and back, over under, under and behind and around again and again.  Such glee! So much fun to watch. And then they park themselves on my lap, to soak in a few more sun rays before breakfast.  And folks, that is how I normally start my day these days. Like it alot.

Last week, I got some Sterlite drawers for my wardrobes, the first set weren’t quite right for that space… sold them to a friend with a bigger rig. Then found at Fred Meyers some other Sterlite drawers and they are perfect, just need to get at least 2 more.  Am still looking for some sort of brackets or bins that I could mount on the door of the wardrobe to hold odds and ends…may have to wait until I get to the lower 48. The same is true for a cooking stone. Years ago, on one of the RV yahoo groups lists, it was suggested to put 4-6″ unglazed tiles or one 12″ unglazed tile on the bottom of oven to disperse the heat better. Well, I’ve been educated that you can’t just put any old unglazed tile in your oven… most are made with lead. The tile store said the safest is a cooking stone. Do the kitchen store places have these – only the big 20+ inch ones. Way too big for my little oven. I don’t even think my oven at home could have held one that big. So will keep looking.  
Managed to connect with an old friend of mine from down on the Kenai. She occasionally drives buses of kids to varsity games and such. They came up to the valley on Saturday. She looks fabulous! She is one of 3 folks I had tried to connect to in April, so I could see them before I left. Kind of gave up on them, but as for my friend I saw on Saturday – her computer is on the blitz, so no email. Phone calls have a worst reputation on my friends, very few of them have smart phones, and none down in that region have them. So I might get lucky yet, but my schedule is filling rapidly with things to get done before I depart. Such as getting a new windshield for the RV, doctors appointments, packing the stuff I’m not taking into storage, finish organizing the rig, uploading data and get the rig washed and polished. Its been too cold to do this wet, but got some Dri-Wash and think I will try this. Just need a ladder to get the high spots. 
I actually took a picture of my rig on Saturday, but it didn’t turn out as well as I hoped. Both cats were hanging out on the dashboard, in the sun. A very small space. Another day.
Its a gorgeous day! Its Memorial Day – thank you to all active and veterans for your time served to protect our freedoms. I have a long line of ancestors that have served in many wars. But of them that I knew. My Grandfather served in WWI, my Uncle in Korean War, my Dad in WWII, my brother Vietnam War. And have many who did not go to war, but were in some branch of the military, doing their time and providing substance to our fellow service folks. Thank you!

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