Decisions for moment

Ah yes… watching the folks in this campground is entertaining! One day, there were 6 guys in a little RV that kept walking to and fro past my rig. I mean frequently they did this. I’d see them standing in little clusters talking, single filed past too… and then one of the younger ones (20’s probably) start putting toe-heel motion along the length of my rig. I just laughed! Looked out the door and said “its 27 feet”, he jumped, grinned sheepishly and ran back to their little rig. So that’s what they were doing…. then another gal, was obviously training a dog, but the outfit she was wearing kept a smile on my face every time I saw her. Huge floppy hat with bright polka dots, a mismatched set of clothing (mixed on color as well as print) with lacy fringe. Knee-highed boots in white patent leather. She thought she was hot-stuff. If she had been a whole lot younger, I would have thought she got into her Mom’s clothes and played dress up… but this was her way. Funny what you see in campgrounds.

Campgrounds are also a great learning institution, especially for novices. You quickly learn what not to do and what you need to do. And RVer’s are truly friendly, helpful folks. But another funny… I was told when new folks come into camp before they even get set up… they get their dogs out for a walk.  And boy do they ever… I’ve never seen so many dogs.  I’m an oddity on this, as I don’t walk, nor plan to start, walking my cats. Though my friends think I should teach my cats how to wear a harness. This is such a hysterically funny thought pattern, I can’t even imagine me out walking the cats when we go into a new campground. So will leave that to the dogs..ere the folks with dogs. Laughing here.

After much consideration, have decided to hang in the present campground until I leave. I had several offers to park at friends home, but considering what I’m trying to accomplish before I head out, I need wi-fi, electricity. My AT&T air card doesn’t last long when one is uploading masses of data. Its cheaper for me to stay in a campground. Besides, gas prices leaped 8 cents in one week, its now $4.45/gallon. It is wiser to save my gas money for the up and coming move. So this penny-pincher is only buying food (for me and cats), litter and RV components (like elbow connector for sewer hose) and the rest is being held onto.

Speaking of litter… why don’t campground provide recycling? They would cut down the dump runs instantly.  Even when we traveled in the lower 48, if they did any recycling it was for plastic bottles, nothing for cardboard, mixed papers or glass. Guess I will have to speak up on this.

So have I mentioned that I’m enjoying the life of living in the RV? I am seriously thinking of ways to get a small floor loom into my rig, where it would be best suited, and even possibly putting in a desk for computer, scanner, etc.  I can actually visualize the possibility of doing all this. When might it happen, not immediately, but it sure is exciting that I could do this if I wanted to. Think I will keep working the details, see other RVer’s ideas for their life-styles, ask a ton of questions and see what develops. The only downer on all this, I still don’t have the means to display my Mother’s paintings… which will probably keep me from going full time in the RV, as I so love to have my Mother’s art around me. And my own art, far as that’s concerned. But others must have this desire as well… how do they do it? Things to ponder.

I was going to take a picture of where I was and where I am at the moment – but Melinda doesn’t think about taking pictures at the appropriate time. Will work on that, as pictures tell a much better story. So onward… have about 6 weeks left before I depart on my new adventure. Anxious to get going, but will miss this area and all my many wonderful friends I have. Many are already talking about coming to visit wherever I am. So this is good. And I suspect, I will be back off and on too. So back to working to making this new adventure a whole lot lighter..

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