The next step

Ah yes… reading the manual and doing go quite nicely together. Today, I moved from my friends driveway to a campground. Had zero problems hooking up electric and water, but no sewer is available yet due to frozen ground. But I got all hooked up and realized, I should have stopped and gotten propane, dumped my tanks and filled up with gas. That will be my last time forgetting this, what a nuisance when one forgets. But chose not to dump tanks today or get gas. Will get it soon tho. I was even warned to do all this before parking. Rack it up to another learning experience. Shock tho… when I got gas last week it was $4.25/gallon, its now $4.39/gallon.

Today, I discovered the vent covers for the Fantastic Vents that we got last year at the Mothership. Boy they sure would have helped immensely with the very cold nights (20-30ºF) I’ve experienced this past week.  As it is… I need to find myself a decent cordless screwdriver, as it will take me forever to do it manually.  But will tackle this – this week. I’m back to working to go paperless on my office (genealogy and weaving libraries).  And still trying to figure out the best place to put things and be able to find them in the rig too. Finally figured out how to have shampoo, facial, soap, etc stuff in the shower and not have to put them away each time I move. I was going to do one of those liquid dispensers, but decided I did not want to bring the fiberglass down to a rough texture to mount it. So found a netting with pockets (not unlike the old laundry bag netting) and I have hung it with shower hooks (separate from what’s already there). It works great.

I decided to try a campground this week. Hadn’t been watching any TV since I got the RV out of storage. Read the manual, followed the instructions and I still have no signal. Worth noting, I probably won’t bother trying to watch TV. But its the principal of it all… Why don’t I have a signal?

And another interesting thing has started happening… I may run the water briefly and turn it off. Walk away or turn and do something else and several seconds after its turned off, it sounds like its running again. But its not. Happens once after each time, but it never happened before. Oh the mysteries of living in the RV.

Well, this week is suppose to warm up to the 50-60’s, with nights still in the 30’s. But am hoping it stays warm… I am tired of being cold. The cats only stick with me at night, they are useless during the day… after all bird TV is exceptional in the Lazy Daze.

Folks keep asking me to write things in this blog… and I don’t think I’m doing anything worth writing about, but need to get into the practice of writing on the blog so I prevail.

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