Got RV out of storage!

Woo-hoo! I got my rig out of storage, she started up without any issues – she actually purred awake after 7 months of winter storage.  Gosh, that was a wonderful sound.  Got her de-winterized, ordered a new windshield too, and later in the day oil and filter, all fluids and tire pressures all checked and OK. I forgot to get gas tho… have made a note to do that today. That will be an expensive deal at $4.27/gallon. I was sad I had to leave her alone the first night out of storage, but today will start loading and setting up.  My iPhone had erased all my notes on what I had left in the rig, so spent a fair amount of time re-listing this info yesterday. Oh I am so excited.  If all goes well, I may move the cats and myself into the rig tomorrow – time will tell on that.

2 thoughts on “Got RV out of storage!

  1. Melinda – My iPhone notes are on my computer. I think this happens automatically, so you may be able to retrieve them from your computer.

    Judie Ashford
    Lazy Daze list


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