Tomorrow, May 1st is the day to see my Lazy Daze RV once again. It has been tucked away all winter, protected from the fierce winds, but not from the deep colds of our Alaskan winters. We have also had a record snowfall all over Alaska this year, so it was good that the rig was tucked away.  Not all the snow is gone, but the roads are dry and that is enough to start cruising.

But first… I need to de-winterize it, then need to get the oil and filter changed that was due 800 miles before, but there was no place to have it done in the Yukon.  And then, will check to get the windshield replaced too, as it was busted last Fall as well. Once this is all taken care of…will start loading in earnest, in hopes to move myself and my two felines into the rig by this next weekend, if not sooner.

As soon as things calm down will have to report to the group how my rig managed thru the winter without doing anything on the batteries or anything else for that matter. It was quite controversial last Fall when I inquired about this, as the standard procedure was not something I could do. So I did the Alaskan way and now to discover how it did.

So back to my homework, which also gets turned in tomorrow afternoon. Its tough finding the exact details they need, but I keep pluggin’ along. The sooner the better to complete this and this woman will be happy to be done with it all.

Yesterday, tried to hit a bike trail… they aren’t ready yet. Found a virtual iceberg on one path, flooding on another and slush on the 3rd. So will have to wait a couple more weeks to let things finish thawing and then to dry up. It was a gorgeous day too. Oh well… more time in the future for this.

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