April is slipping by quickly.  Have been very busy trying to go paperless for a couple of reasons. It will decrease the poundage I will have to move and it will make it super easy to continue doing genealogical research while out on the road knowing what sources I have. And research is one thing I want to continue.  As it is, I can’t work on this non-stop as I need help to un-bury the boxes in storage to access more and well… my hours don’t match my helpers. So will have to wait. So have been busy finishing the organization of my stuff before May 1st. What doesn’t fit in my RV is being sold or donated, as I’m not putting anything else in storage. I’ve made reservations for a campground in Haines, as they fill quickly in the summer.  I was tempted to get one of the campgrounds near the bay, but from all the RV reviews the rigs are packed in there like sardines. That just does not interest me in the least. So will just have to forego beach living for the summer. I decided to get my bicycle out of storage, I need a bike rack for my car – then will use that (to save gas money) this summer.  The bike needs some fine-tuning as well, all will get done this week – as the gal I’m living with wants me to join her on her biking outings.  That sounds like fun!

I saved nearly $500 when I did my tire change-over this Spring. I knew I needed new summer tires for my 4 Runner and I wanted to rid myself of the winter studs and rims (as I can’t lift them myself). Well, they sold me on taking the studs out of my winter tires and using them as all season tires. I sold the extra rims and the old worn out tires, plus the extra lug bolts to them and all this work was for less than $100. Which is $88 cheaper than just changing the tires each season. The winter, now all-season, tires will provide better traction than normal all-season tires. So it is a win-win situation all around.

I’m needing an oil & filter change for my RV, can I find anyone to do this? Nope, not so far. Might have to figure out how to do it myself.  I also need to find a place to weigh the 4 corners of my rig – can I find a place to do that? Nope, not so far.  I do have to replace the windshield that got busted last year on our trip back home – found that source, so will get it done soon. I have several invites to hang at friends homes this summer… that will be interesting if I go with those options. Right now, I’m just excited about getting into my new home, new – in that I haven’t lived in the RV before.

My 4 Runner windshield got busted bad on my last trip to and from the Valley. Those darn flying rocks did a real number. I lucked out on this, can’t believe it. The big rock blast on the windshield was an easy fix. It looked bad, but it did not go thru all the layers of the glass. The little chip was a harder fix as it had started to spread, but managed to get it all done today. I got lucky.  So come on May 1st – I’m ready for you…

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