Getting ready…

Getting ready for all kinds of things…

1) I finished my side of the legal paperwork, just waiting for one more piece before I can file, or I hope that’s it. Took me seemingly forever to get all this legwork done – which is probably why Doug dumped it into my lap.

2) Made an appointment to get my RV de-winterized on the 1st of May and to be evaluated for manual stabilizing jacks. Apparently telling them I have a Ford E-450 chassis isn’t enough info to order the jacks. So will go in, then make another appointment. Oh..hum..

3) Finished 2 file boxes of loose papers, scanning them into my computer. Making good steps toward going paperless.. Hopefully, can pick up another file box out of storage to keep plugging’ along on this.

4) Got word yesterday that our beautiful home is finally on the housing market and it already has had 2 viewings. Amazing! Let’s hope it sells quickly.

5) Summer tires going back onto my car next week. Need help getting them moved from storage to vehicle. They are just too heavy for me, so sometime this coming weekend that will get done.

6) And have been offered a place at a friend’s house to park my RV until I depart. They have electricity and septic hookups. Amazing offer… Of course, we need a fair amount of snow to melt before I can do that.

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