Time is passing by…

Good grief! Its April! When did that happen? 😉  But yippee for April, as that means in less than one month, I will be back into the RV.  I’m leaning on calling the RV “Spruce”. Thought about Spruce Moose, to Whispering Spruce to Spruce Loose… not sure why I’m stuck on Spruce anything.  I love the color of spruce – greenish blue or bluish green.  For awhile I was stuck on one word “Naturale”, as it seemed so Natural to be in the RV, but doesn’t seem a bit Italian. But when battling steep grades… I just kept yelling Babe, you can do it!  But Babe seems so lame… Perhaps no name would be better.  So unless anyone has any brilliant ideas on names… I will just have to wait until I’m actually living in it to get enlightened on this subject.

So… my iPhone deleted ALL of my Notes… I had notes on measurements within the RV, to contents left in RV, things to still get for the RV and notes about suggested items for the RV… all gone. I have a pretty good memory, but still… And thought I’d find the notes on my iPad and they are gone too.  Haven’t figured out if they are hanging out in iCloud, not even sure how to retrieve that if it is there. But am bummed all those notes are gone… They were sure nice when I had them, not so sure I can trust Notes to do the job in the future. Once burned, hard to go forth with that method again. But is there a better way.. will have to work on that.

Between getting legal paperwork done for myself and the research for that – I’ve been scanning all my boxes of loose papers for genealogy and getting super organized too boot!  I now realize, I need to do this for all my records and files. Faded old census records are readable once again, old land deeds, probate records, Revolutionary War pension records are beautifully readable when scanned into the computer. I’m duly impressed. Even old correspondence from the 1980’s is showing better days when scanned. Even more impressed with how old photos look, although advanced tools to say lighten a photo or to even crop it isn’t as easy, its possible. This is downright exciting. Considering I own 2 flat bed scanners, one of which can do slides, I’m rather impressed with my newest acquisition of the ScanSnap S5100M that’s not a flat-bed scanner. It can do up to 50 pages at once, can handle any size document to be scanned (except the larger than legal size). Its also smaller than the other scanners – perfect for using in the RV, so I can continue going paperless.

And breakup in Alaska… what a mess this year. Sloppy!!! Flooding! Is the snow disappearing – maybe, but too slowly for me. Then what’s with these darn flakes falling from the sky? Crazy weather.  But the swans are back… I love to listen to the Trumpeter Swans.  But am surprised they found open water to swim in, as everything is still very frozen. Just thankful they are here.

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