It has been absolutely beautiful these last few days – with 12 hours of light – the sunshine has been warming us up nicely, considering mornings are still in the single digits. By afternoon, the roads are sloppy from the meltdown – the sun is so-o warm, just want to shed layers.

Today, is my 1st chance to NOT have to go anywhere since I moved out of the house. I’ve had so many appointments these past 6 days (all out in the valley – so had an hour’s drive each way), am ready to take a break. But got my annual stuff done, then got my hair cut, enjoyed a wonderful day with my weaving friends, saw Spring lambs too… oh so cute!

Today, is the 1st day that I need to start tackling super organization of all I have with me. I have thrown things into my car haphazardly, all needs to find its own niche, get organized and re-packed. My box of genealogical loose papers, need to get digitalized. Suitcase – needs to be repacked (put winter away and pull out Spring clothes), bedding needs to get vacuum sealed, and laundry needs to be done. So 1st load of laundry is in, first stack of papers are ready for the scanner and I’m waiting on hold to talk to someone about my iPad which stopped receiving email.  So its a good day.

In one month and a few days away from getting the RV out of winter storage… can’t wait!

Saw a quote yesterday that I liked to share: “Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself!”   I just thought it was so fitting.  Enjoy your day!

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