Regained internet!

Well, I just regained internet and email… been without since Tuesday. We still don’t have Verizon in AK, so I bought an Air-card thru AT&T.  Need something for my up and coming travels and while I’m staying with Julie here in Anchorage.

Got moved out of our beautiful home, the act of leaving was far harder than I imagined… the reality that I actually left just about did me in 1/2 way off the mountain. Getting a Legal Separation seemed so easy before, not so as I left. Going to take some adjustment, but its the best thing for both of us right now. Yeah right…  ask me again in a few days or weeks. Its hard to shake 32 years of marriage… I am so hoping to just be best of friends with the man someday in the future, right now we both need space from each other.  So the journey begins…

Got 5 weeks to go to get the RV out of storage… I can’t wait. Right now, am enjoying the act of relaxing with my two fellas – Norm & Tucker. These guys can’t figure out why they can’t roam this new place we are temporarily living in and hence being stuck in one room.  They love it when I come and snuggle in with them… but the 1st 2 nights, they were really spooked by the cars driving by on the street. And this city water is dreadful… they had been spoiled with well water, complete silence with exception of wildlife walking by – they aren’t so sure of this new adventure yet.

Our temporary home is nestled on the hillside above Anchorage. Its an old Anchorage type of home. Lots of class in its own right, unique quirks only old homes can offer, neat little nooks and crannies, even an old cast iron bed, that collapsed the 1st night I tried to sleep here.  I laughed over that one. The gal I’m staying with is traveling this week, so I’m learning the ropes as I go. Even the cats escaped that 1st night, as I made a potty run, not realizing I had to latch the door, not just close it. So hopefully this next week, I will have less travels to make and can stay here for a bit. It is a great place to regroup.

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