Downsizing continues…

Am still working, pretty much non-stop on downsizing… so much has been sold, donated or flat out given to others and there is still too much to tend to before Tuesday.  The shipment to one of my nieces went out last Wednesday, it actually contains stuff for both nieces – all from their Grandma Glick. Some of Grandma’s paintings, her sketches when she was in school, even her portfolio. Even an old antique dresser, her trunk which had old handmade quilts, baby clothes, etc in it. Since that shipped, I’ve started in on the kitchen.

I’m not taking the bulk of the kitchen, but need to transfer contents on canisters and pull out the containers I can use in the RV. What we used previously in RV were too big, so over the winter found new containers, but we used them – so now need to unload, clean. Found my list of what I had left in the RV, so I don’t need much else out of this kitchen. Still want to find 4-6″ unglazed tiles to put on bottom of the RV oven… will probably find that before I pick up the RV.

I’m still sorting, organizing my office. Have eliminated a ton of unnecessary stuff, have pulled out enough to work on this next month (before RV comes out of storage, to go paperless. My scanner is going to get a workout. A good thing too.  Can’t do much about the genealogical books, files, archived items.. so will let the movers pack that stuff. How do full-timers let go of these things – are they truly paperless???

My studio was pretty much shaken down a week or so ago, but managed to find some clear Rubbermaid boxes, so have transferred skeins, tools, equipment into those clear boxes. It will be a whole lot better when I get to the other end to know what is where.

And lastly… my clothes.. egads. My goal is to only take what fits in my dresser and the cedar chest. That is everything – coats, etc.  Well… good intentions but downright difficult with winter clothes. Now I realize that where I’m going I don’t need the hard-core cold weather gear – so I have pulled that out. Even my winter coat I’m wearing now, was way-y-y too warm for Haines (where I visited in February), but its still very much winter here.. Nonetheless, despite my walk thru a couple of weeks ago taking everything I hadn’t worn this past year – I still managed to pull 6 large trash bags full of clothes out of my closets, cedar chests – all destine for Bishop’s Attic here in Palmer – a great place to donate!!!.  Will still work on this before Tuesday, but it’s looking pretty good. Just realized though… I do need some clothes for the rig… hmmm.. will have to work on that too.

Now I need a massage… even a soak in the jacuzzi would be fitting… ah yes, a nice little dream just helped alot.

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