Ooh March is here!

Realized I hadn’t posted for a few days… have to blame it on Spring cleaning. I have found a virtual goldmine of fiber stashed in the back of my storage closet.  I heard about a friend teaching some new spinners – I donated lots of this fiber to them, as I sure don’t need all that. Beginners grow in confidence when they get a chance to try different fibers and different techniques. So am glad I could help on that.

Then, I found a forgotten stash of fabric for quilting – since I last quilted some 20 years ago, in fact thought I had sold a bunch years ago – discovered 3 more boxes of fabric plus several quilting books.  I have several friends who do quilt, but learned thru them about the local guild takes donated books for their library and takes donated fabric to make service quilts for the needy. I couldn’t resist – I’m donating once again.

And yesterday, I walked thru our walk-in closet and grabbed everything I had not worn in the last year – all went to Bishop’s Attic without blinking an eye. Whew!

Today, my intent was to take a break, relax and maybe make a few phone calls. Well, I talked with a couple of long time friends – excited to reconnect with both of them. Then my eyes caught sight of old recipes falling out of the bookshelf. Dang… I was hooked.  I found recipes not only from my Mother and my Mother-in-law, but also from both of my Grandmothers. Oh what fun to re-discover the old recipes.  It will keep me out of trouble for awhile, but I started adding recipes to my MacGourmet Deluxe software.  The newfangled cookbooks have taken the good stuff out of recipes, I so prefer the old recipes.. some of my Grandmothers recipes don’t even list oven temperatures – I suspect they were done on a wood or coal stove.

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