Spring fever…?

It snowed another 4 inches yesterday, yet I found myself sorting out Christmas decorations, we had 3 trunks of the stuff, long over due going thru it, getting rid of or donating things. And I also, started in on my clothes. Egads, I sure don’t need all this if I’m going to live in the RV for a while. I got rid of all my fat & skinny clothes last year, but I still have too much – way too much.  Our house is due to go on the market the 1st of April – I am so not ready, may have to push it back a few weeks or not. We need to seriously downsize, to a much smaller place. Just learned that the boxes for some of our collectibles are in the shed, and some more Christmas stuff – there’s about 10+ feet of drifted snow between us and that shed. Heaven only knows what else is in there. It will have to wait until I can break a trail.  So am finding things to sell… such as the king size flannel sheets – some of my weaving friends are going to cut them up and make rag rugs. Our king size mattress – has a hot date with the dump – won’t be replaced, the king size platform frame has been sold. Who knows if the next place will be large enough for a king bed.  So busy, busy, busy…

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