Old story ends…

I could have continued telling about our trip home in our new RV last September, it was quite the adventure – steep grades, buffalo, caribou sightings, beautiful mountain scenery… but in reality, that is old news.  We put our new RV into winter storage on October 7th and won’t be able to get it out until the 1st of May.  To say I’m excited about that prospect is the understatement of the year so far.  I’m already plotting and planning food items – such as dehydrated cookies, homemade stews, homemade Igor’s crackers. Have dehydrated carrots, celery, onions in preparation for travel too.  A Christmas present from myself was a table-top ice maker… can make enough ice in less than an hour to last the whole day. Which is perfect if one has hook-ups or if one uses the generator.  I eat rather simply, so fixing things for the RV means very few trips to grocery stores, but definite trips to the Farmer’s Markets when I see them. Don’t have alot of storage capabilities in the RV, so am thinking dehydrating stuff is better than freezing and most definitely better than canning.  Oh, I have so much to learn…. but it shall be fun to learn this lifestyle…

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