Journey continued north

We had planned to leave early out of Orem, but Murphy’s Law had a 2nd opinion on that. The water pump would not shut off. The manual didn’t help, but a phone call to the pump factory did. An allen wrench was the solution and we finally hit the road about 1000.  The trip out of Utah was uneventful but we both were thrilled to get out of the traffic.  Stayed the night at South Side RV park in Dillon, MT. A very nice RV park, we would consider stopping there again. Hit the road for Canada, had heard the border crossing could be a long wait, so decided to push thru instead of waiting until morning. We crossed the border without any issues whatsoever. Went searching for Gold Springs RV Park as mentioned in the The Milepost. Egads, it took us way off into ranch land.  Seemed to go forever…then we dropped down and found a delightful RV park.  Parked by the river, our spot wasn’t too level, and the hookups were a bit of a stretch to reach – but we didn’t care. We were beat, had a bite to eat and promptly went to sleep.

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