The beginnings…

On September 12, 2011 – we flew down to Montclair, CA and picked up our Lazy Daze RV. Orientation of our rig was very detailed and worth the time. They answered all of our questions. We had the ICC driver take us to Las Vegas, arrived about 5pm. Surprising that the weather had cooled for us Alaskans. Had been 116 the day before, was in the 70’s with thunderstorms when we arrived. By the time we signed the notary, picked up pillows and a few items of food, it was in the middle of rush hour, heavy downpour and major construction in the middle of I-15 and we needed to reach the North side of LV. What a rude awakening to driving a RV!  But we survived, tho late arriving at the _______ RV Park on Nellis AFB.  It rained the entire night and most of the next day, which we were eternally grateful to the Weather Gods in keeping us cool. We got the rig set up from all the supplies I had shipped down to the Mothership before our arrival. Discovered quickly we needed dog house covers for the vents – quite the challenge to staying dry… so made arrangements to get them installed sooner than later.

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