Next day’s journey

On September 14th… we left Las Vegas and headed north up I-15. Our next pitstop was to see old Adak friends in Orem, UT. We were to have some work done on our rig there, but Karen suggested we get the vent covers done in St. George, so that’s where we headed. In the meantime, we traveled thru a gorgeous gorge on one very sunny day. We got the Tireman value extenders put on the tires in Orem – what a sheer blessing to have those. And Karen took us to Camping World… oh my… spent a small fortune there, but didn’t find everything there, so went to Bed, Bath & Beyond…drooling here and found the magnetic knife holder I wanted and the little hammock for the fruits and veggies and… laughing, could have bought out the damn store.. alas though, no room in the RV.  The trip home will be a quick one by RV standards, but a necessity due to time constraints, as we only have 3 weeks to go from A to B and get stuff done too.  But we took an extra day to visit with Karen (minus David) before heading north.  What a blast to reacquaint with them after nearly 20 years, its like we hadn’t been apart even one day.  We left Orem on the 16th, as we needed to be in Edmonton on Monday the 19th for our 1st oil and filter change.  Boy, I sure wish we could have lingered at any number of places along the route… another time…

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